This page is a few of the projects we have been working on in-house and in collaboration with partners.

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High pressure washer for wood-pallets

Collaborator: Stormgaard Vildmosekartofler I/S

The Mostek pallet washer is a semi-automatic pallet-washer for removing dirt from potato-pallets used in the transportation and storage of vildmosekartofler. This project involves several electro-mechanical systems to rotate and apply controlled high pressure water jets. 

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Pick and place grading machine

Grading machine with Staubli Scara robotic arm with weight estimation system through high speed camera. Controlled with Ethercat, Industrial ethernet and Omron camera setup. 

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Bigbag filler

Stainless steel big bag filler is made with handle and attachable hooks for single or 4-strap big bags. The filler system is made with easy handling with forklift.

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Pallet systems

Customized pallet distribution system for fishing boat application

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Double manual slaughter station

Two person slaughter station for crab fishing